Pearl Masterworks Cruise

06-04-2017 - Introducing the Masterworks Sonic-Select Shell Recipes

Pearl organised a special Masterworks Cruise on the 22nd of March, to introduce the new Sonic-Select Shell Recipes.
The Masterworks Series is known for its completely custom and Totally Handmade concept, drawing from over 70 years of Drum building experience.

As the Masterworks spectrum has a nearly-endless array of custom options, filtering all that choice down to specific shell, edge, and hardware fusions is kind of like making a cake; different ingredients make different flavours that will appeal to different connoisseurs.

Now introducing different flavours in our Masterworks range, led to 5 Sonic-Select Shell recipes.

During our Masterworks Cruise, 6 Top artists have introduced each their “own” flavour Shell Recipe.

The STUDIO Recipe played by Pete York, known from the legendary Super Drumming Series and drummer of the Spencer Davies Group, showed how well this Studio recipe sounds. With its vintage sound but with a modern flavour. His drum experience show a unique way of playing and made an inerasable impression.
Studio features a thin Maple/Gumwood combination with Mastercast hoops; crafted to fully capture every nuance of the drummer’s performance with tonal clarity.

The HERITAGE Recipe recalls a classic age in drum-making by balancing the power of Maple with the warmth of Mahogany for enhanced lows and fat top-end slap.
 Moritz Müller (the Intersphere) brought an homage to Jeff Porcaro by playing Rosanna. Moritz, with his huge talent, knew how to keep Porcaro’s interpretation alive, but knew how to impress by showing his own little twist.

The URBAN Recipe features a totally unique thin-shell combination of Birch, Gumwood, and Maple to sculpt a vibrant, powerful voice for the metropolitan drummer. For open-handed player Sascha Waack this flavour suits him as he showed with Hot in Herre from Nelly how this powerful and hot sound marks this Urban kit.

The STADIUM Recipe brings the classic elements of Pearl’s thick Custom Z Maple shell into the modern playing field, focusing on volume and power for the touring stage. This is what George Kollias showed that this flavour rises above high stage volume with a full spectrum assault.

The MODERN DRY Recipe represents new ground with a Maple/Gumwood/Mahogany shell blend for quick, top-heavy articulation with controlled low-end for today’s multifaceted beat creator. Anders Meinhardt (F.U.K.T., Medina) showed what he as Danish Dupstep/Drum&Bass groove master, can do with this modern and dry recipe. With his beats and effect sounds(crashers/stacked cymbals). The Modern Dry recipe emphazised his playing style.

Last but not Least, Ian Paice showed his new Masterworks kit that he loves to play and will play on his new upcoming Deep Purple Tour.
He played Highway Star in a way he only can do, and many of the fans in the audience enjoyed his performance.

The performances on the new Sonic-Select Shell recipe kits was well received and all attendees had a wonderful experience!

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