Top 5 Cool Gift Ideas for Drummers

02-12-2019 - A list of banging drummer gifts for any occasion and budget

Compact Traveler

Drum Rug

Spin-Tight Tension Rods

Multi Tool

Throne Thumper

Searching for a Christmas gift could be a daunting task for anyone, but no worries, we are here for you. On a positive note though, you know he/she likes drumming so that already narrows down your options! We’ve prepared this gift guide to fit any budget and make sure that what you are getting is something they actually want.

1.     Compact Traveler drum kit

This portable drum kit is a perfect gift for drummers on-the-go. It’s so small you can set it up and play literally everywhere! From a toilet to a volcano. So gigs in tiny venues are not an issue anymore. Check out the latest price on Amazon.

TIP. Professional drummers use it for warming up.  

2.     Drum Rug

Drum carpets are super handy if you want your drum kit to stay in one place or establish your space on a stage (considering everyone seems to be determined to put their guitar stands and amps on it).

TIP. Feel romantic? Place it in front of your fireplace

3.     Spin-Tight Tension Rods

Highly recommended for every drummer who has a thing for innovative solutions and gadgets. This is a set-and-forget kind of accessory. So, you don’t need to worry about your drum tuning going AWOL during the high-impact playing (hitting like crazy).

TIP. Makes life so much easier

4.     Multi tool

This tool is essential for all gigging drummers. It has a drum tuning key bit as well as variety of other tools and sizes. Compatible with any drum kit and it looks rad too!

TIP. Tool number 13 is a bottle opener

5.     Throne Thumper

This is the ultimate low-end feel machine that attaches directly under any throne. Powered by an included 200-watt amp, this drum throne shaker will make your seat vibrate in perfect sync with all the low-end thunder your kit puts out as you play. So you can literally FEEL every beat.

TIP. “Not only boosts your bottom-end but your confidence too”



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Top 5 Cool Gift Ideas for Drummers

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