Junior Percussion

18-01-2017 - Pearl Junior Marching Series Drums

Pearl is proud to introduce Junior Marching Series to the European market for the first time ever – Featuring lightweight, child-sized drums and carriers appropriate for the elementary and middle school aged percussionist. For many years, Pearl has been the leader in the Japanese market with the Junior-sized drums for use in schools and drum clubs. With a lifetime long history of marching percussion in the European culture, the time is right for teachers and parents to have access to a great quality instrument that is sized and priced right for our youngest musicians.

Pearl’s Junior Marching Series’ Poplar shells provide durability, while the age-appropriate sizes allow for even the smallest players to experience the joy and excitement of playing marching drums. Field-ready right out of the box, Junior Marching Series drums are finished in a classic #33 Pure White wrap and packaged with a matching pre-assembled white powder-coated carrier.

Junior Marching Series carriers are designed to comfortably fit the smallest of body frames. For larger or older players, Junior Marching Series snares and tenors are compatible with Pearl’s Full Sized MX Series T-frame carriers, providing a lightweight battery option for other conventional ensembles where special needs, weight, and compact design are performance factors.

Model                     Size                                        Weight (drum only)
Snare Drums
MJS1007/CXN33     10”x7” w/ MCH-20S Carrier         2.2 kg
MJS1208/CXN33     12”x8” w/ MCH-20S Carrier         2.7 kg
Tenor Drums
MJT1007/CXN33     10”x7” w/ MCH-20S Carrier         2.1 kg
MJT1208/CXN33     12”x8” w/ MCH-20S Carrier         2.6 kg
Tenor Trio
MJT680/CXN33     6”x6.5”, 8”x6.5”, 10”x6.5”            4.5 kg
 w/ MCH-20S Carrier
Bass Drums
MJB1408/CXN33     14”x8” w/ MCH-20B Carrier         2.8 kg
MJB1608/CXN33     16”x8” w/ MCH-20B Carrier         3.2 kg
MJB1808/CXN33     18”x8” w/ MCH-20B Carrier         3.5 kg
MJB2008/CXN33     20”x8” w/ MCH-20B Carrier         3.9 kg

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