New Series of Rainsticks

18-01-2017 - Pearl Introduces New Series of Rainsticks

19 January 2017 19:00 (CET)
Rainsticks are an ancient instrument invented by the Mapuches and was played in the belief it could bring about rainstorms. Pearl is expanding its line of shakers to include six Bamboo rainsticks ranging in size from 16” to 60” and available in 2 unique finishes. Pearl’s natural Bamboo Rainsticks are 2.5" in diameter and feature an internal spiral maze of tines that a cascade of lava pebbles flow over to create the soothing sound of falling rain. The 2 finish options include a hand burned finish that depicts the life cycle of water and is called Rhythm Water, and a hand painted version that features a tribal mask called Hidden Spirit.

In addition to the tradition soothing rain sound, Pearl rainsticks make excellent shakers with tremendous projection. The larger the rainstick the larger the sound volume, perfect for a small percussion ensemble or a large marching band pit.

A portion of the sale of each rainstick will be shared with The Rhythmic Arts Project. TRAP’S primary objective is to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their typical peers in all aspects of everyday life.

Model        Description                        

PBRSB60694    60" Bamboo Rainstick #694 Rhythm Water
PBRSB48694    48" Bamboo Rainstick #694 Rhythm Water
PBRSB40694    40" Bamboo Rainstick #694 Rhythm Water
PBRSB32694    32" Bamboo Rainstick #694 Rhythm Water
PBRSB24694    24" Bamboo Rainstick #694 Rhythm Water
PBRSB16694    16" Bamboo Rainstick #694 Rhythm Water
PBRSP60693    60" Bamboo Rainstick #693 Hidden Spirit    
PBRSP48693    48" Bamboo Rainstick #693 Hidden Spirit
PBRSP40693    40" Bamboo Rainstick #693 Hidden Spirit    
PBRSP32693    32" Bamboo Rainstick #693 Hidden Spirit
PBRSP24693    24" Bamboo Rainstick #693 Hidden Spirit
PBRSP16693    16" Bamboo Rainstick #693 Hidden Spirit

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