New Export EXA ltd. Editions

04-09-2017 - Discover our new Export Artisan II design kits

Pearl is introducing two new Limited Edition EXA drumset exclusively for Europe. Export EXA delivers full Pearl quality in Artisan II finishes which you’ll have to see to believe. Each EXA drumset is equipped with a special designed Artisan II finish by Pearl.

Pearl is always looking for extraordinary designs for the limited-edition Export Artisan sets.
Inspired by exploring our cosmos, the idea that landed was the “Space monkey” design. Your personal voyage starts with this cool and uncommon design to feel out of space when playing this limited Export drums. To keep your feet on the ground with your spaced out playing this kit is equipped with earthy chrome drum hardware, clear tom heads and a white coated & ported bass drum head.
The Space Monkey set comes with a 22x18” Bassdrum, 10x7” and 12x8” Toms and 16x16” Floor tom and a matching wooden 14 x5.5” Snare drum. All will be complemented with our 830-Series Hardware Pack.

The second new Export EXA kit is inspired by the spider man theme. This special spider man web design makes the Export drums stand out and will let you play like a super hero.
The Spider Web set comes with a 22x18" Bassdrum, 10x7”, 12x8” Toms, 14x14” and 16x16” Floor toms and a matching wooden 14x5.5” Snare drum. All will be complemented with our 830-Series Hardware Pack.

Export EXA is now outfitted with Remo Clear tom batters and clear resonator heads, coated snare batter head, and white coated & ported PowerStroke bass drum head for superb sound and excellent durability.

Recommended Retail Prices:*
EXA725XS/C783 -  Space Monkey       998 Euro
EXA726XS/C784 -  Spider Web         1189 Euro

*Recommended Retail Prices include 19%VAT.

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