Pearl’s ICON Support System Expands to Celebrate 35 Years of the Drum Rack

23-01-2019 - In celebration of 35 years of pioneering the drum rack, Pearl’s ICON Rack systems are being greatly expanded with a new selection of clamps and accessories.

Developed in 1983 with legendary Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro, Pearl’s original DR-1 DrumRack was the first free-standing, frame-based drum support system available. Today, in celebration of 35years of pioneering the drum rack, Pearl’s ICON (short for Independent CONtrol,) Rack systems are beinggreatly expanded with a new selection of clamps and accessories.All new pre-configured single and three-sided rack packages and individual ICON components have beenupgraded to include a rotating support foot.

In addition, eight new accessory clamps have been developed for the slip-free ICON square rack rail and round support pipe; dramatically increasing the level of set-up flexibility and function variety. To showcase the possibilities of these new additions to the ICON cannon, Pearl will launch an online player resource and idea center of ICON Rack Recipes; featuring step-by-step instructions on how to get the most from existing and available Pearl Rack parts.

So many players see Rack building as not only a set-up option for drum and cymbals, but also a wayto showcase their own individual visual style,” states Pearl Combo Marketing Manager, Kevin Packard.“The new Rack Recipe resource shows not only the possibilities we have found in our own in-house experiments, but will hopefully serve as inspiration for drummers and technicians to build and share their own ideas.”

New ICON Rack Systems and Parts include:

• DR-110T: Pearl Icon Drum Rack Moveable Support T-Leg

• DR-511: Pearl Icon Single Drum Rack, Straight and Curved (w/PCX-100x2 & PCL-100x2)• DR-513: Pearl Icon Three-Sided Drum Rack, Straight and Curved (w/PCX-100x4 & PCL-100x2)

• PCR-100: Pearl Icon Multi-Angle Dual Round Pipe Clamp

• PCR-200: Pearl Icon Multi-Angle Pipe to Rail Clamp• PCR-50X; Pearl Icon Rotating Round Accessory Extension Clamp

• PCR-200L: Pearl Icon Multi-Angle Pipe to Rail Extension Clamp

• PCX-300: Pearl Icon Rotating Square Accessory Extension Clamp

• PCR-50L: Pearl Icon Multi-Angle Round Accessory Extension Clamp

• PCR-50R: Pearl Icon Rotating Dual 1.5” Round Pipe Extension Clamp• TLJ-200: Pearl Icon 1.5” Round T-Clamp

• AL86AC: Pearl Icon Short Curved Rack Rail (w/Bar Clamp)

• AL103A: Pearl Icon Medium Curved Rack Rail (w/End Caps)

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