Centigrade Cajon

This cajon is designed for maximum player comfort. The cajon’s unique design features a front faceplate with 100 degrees of angle which allows the player to sit with proper posture and reduces stress on the lower back.

The cajon’s fiberglass shell is finished in an exquisite Mango Cherry Burst finish and features a blended Asiatic hardwood face plate which provides a crisp, articulate voice with remarkable projection. The CentiGRADE Cajon features a molded rear-side bass port that creates a deep inner resonance chamber, funneling bass tones to provide an amazingly resonate bass sonority.

Look good and feel good while you play the new CentiGRADE Cajon from Pearl. 


ShellFiberglass body & blended Asiatic hardwood facepage

3D Tree Cajon

CNC cut designs adorn the sides of Pearl’s 3D cajons and the newest model features a stylized green tree. The beauty of the 3D Cajon is more than skin deep, on the inside we have shortened the snare wires and raise their position to create a larger bass strike zone. You no longer have to reach as far to hit the sweet spot. To punch up the snare response clear lacquer has been applied to the inside front faceplate. The result is a crispy snare attack that beautifully contrasts the low end rumble of the 3D Cajon.

3D Cajon

The 3D Cajon features 3D, CNC-cut graphics on the sides of the hardwood body. Internal snares are raised to create a larger bass strike zone. Inside the faceplate is coated with clear lacquer for a crispy snare response.

3D Cajon with CNC-cut graphics on the sides.


This Fiberglass cajon has two playing surfaces: a traditional hardwood front faceplate and a padded, cloth covered side that produces a Brazilian Surdo / “808” style bass tone. Perfect for use with any cajon pedal.

FinishBlack Lacquer Finish





The PSCBC1213 BassCase allows you to transport your prized cajon in protected style and then convert the case into an incredible sounding bass drum. The PSCBC1213 BassCase is constructed from heavy duty black nylon and has a mounted 13” drum head with internal muffling.

A hidden flap reveals a front port for maximum projection and a second flap allows the player to attach a bass drum pedal. With your cajon as the throne and your case as the bass, your music will take on a whole new dimension.





BoomBox Cajon

Pearl’s new Boom Box Cajon is creates never-before-heard low-end frequencies from a Fiberglass cajon! This cajon features the high-quality construction you expect from Pearl, with a fixed snare system and a built-in bass port for subsonic frequencies you have to hear to believe! Finished in a rich Artisan Red Mahogany, this is a perfect addition to any drummer or percussionists’ rig.

Special Bass Port for great Boom Bass Sound

Burgundy Mix BoomBox Cajon

Built-in Bass Port

Pearl Percussion now offers the industry-changing Boom Box Cajon in a dazzling Burgundy Mix Lacquer finish.  With a veneer that makes you say, “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” the new Burgundy Mix  Lacquer finish will be admired by all who see it.  This new finish only adds to the appeal of Pearl’s innovative fiberglass cajon, as it is equipped with a fixed snare system for a crisp and articulate voice and features a built-in bass port which magnifies the cajon’s subsonic frequencies for an incredibly dynamic low-end you can hear and feel.

With an amazing finish and a remarkable sound, Pearl’s Boom Box Cajon is a perfect addition to any percussionist’s set-up.

Brush Beat Cajon

This fiberglass constructed cajon features new textured playing surfaces which speak remarkably with brushes and other implements. The front and sides of the cajon feature large textured areas which fade to a smooth feel towards the top of the cajon.

The Brush Beat Cajon is modeled after Pearl’s Boom Box Cajon, which features a fixed-snare system, as well as a built-in bass port that magnifies the cajon’s subsonic frequencies for a dynamic low-end sonority. A classy black and white finish with singular pinstripe gives this cajon a handsome fascade.

Featuring innovative playing surfaces and dependable construction, Pearl’s Brush Beat Cajon offers a new way to explore cajon performance.


Cube Cajon

Pearl Percussion is proud to introduce the newest member to its family of cajons, the Cube Cajon!  Small in stature, but large in sound, the Cube Cajon is a square 12.5”x12.5” fiberglass cajon which features 5 diverse playing surfaces with one side ported for additional low frequency resonance.  Multiple timbres are achievable via the Cube Cajon’s varying wall thickness.  The thinner the wall, the lower the pitch; the thicker the wall, the higher the pitch.  Two sides come fixed with inner snare wires to produce a sizzling snare slap.

No percussionist’s set up is complete without the new Cube Cajon!

PCCS-629 Cube Cajon




The Cube Cajon comes with a versatile wooden cajon stand, providing 3 different playing heights.  Play the cajon on the ground, or put it on the 11.5” lower half of the stand to play the cajon at a comfortable sitting level.  Add the top 7” half of the stand to play the cajon at a relaxed standing height.  This cajon comes standard in Pearl’s beautiful Carubinga finish.  No percussionist’s set up is complete without the new Cube Cajon!

Primero Pro Box Cajon

Constructed from Asiatic pine with fixed snares it is a perfect cajon to get started. 


Fun Box Cajon

Fun Box Cajon

In response to increased support and awareness of the value of music and drums in education, particularly with young children, Pearl has created the Fun Box. The Fun Box, much like Pearl’s popular Fun Drum Djembe, is specially designed for use by kids to help them develop proper playing mechanics while playing an instrument in a smaller, kid-friendly size. The Fun Box features the same bright yellow finish with tribal inlay as the Fun Drum, and its durable Fiberglass construction makes it a perfect addition for use in educational programs

CasePSC1213CJ Bag for Box Cajon

Inner Circle Multi-Drum Cajon

Pearl Percussion is proud to introduce the Inner Circle Multi-Drum Cajon, the cajon with supreme versatility. The cajon’s fiberglass shell is finished in an exquisite Tequila Sunrise finish and features select blended Asiatic hardwood faceplates for optimal tone. A distinctive cajon like this has never before been offered, featuring a cajon, conga, and djembe/timbao wearable option. Sit ontop for standard cajon playing, or simply unlatch and fold the cajon top open, remove the Inner Circle drum and place on the closed cajon to be played as a conga at a comfortable height.

Attach the accompanying sling to the Inner Circle drum to allow shoulder-slung timbao or djembe playing. Then, simply place the Inner Drum back into the cajon shell and relatch for easy transport. The playing options are limitless with Pearl’s Inner Circle Multi-Drum Cajon!

Standard Cajon playing seated

Jesus Diaz Radial Edge Cajon

In conjunction with world-renowned percussionist Jesus Diaz, Pearl has created the Radial Edge Cajon to finally produce the authentic sound and feel of the traditional cajon, with modern features to enhance comfort, playability and sound. The radial edge of the cajon provides a contoured design for an unprecedented level of comfort. It’s high-end wood construction, fixed snares and luxurious Artisan Rosewood finish make this the ultimate Box Cajon for the percussionist looking for the richest cajon experience possible.

Jingle Cajon

Designed in conjunction with percussionist Pete Korpela, Pearl’s new Jingle Cajon offers four different sound possibilities in one package. The fiberglass body adds superior strength, while the super responsive snare system offers sensitivity unmatched by other brands.

Beautifully finished in our exclusive Carubinga exotic wood lacquer, Pearl’s Jingle Cajon will surely open your eyes and ears to an arsenal of sound never thought possible by a single cajon.

Simply twist open the Brazilian Platinella-style jingles and a new world of sonic options open up, as you sound like two percussionists blending simultaneously. Open up the Stainless Steel tambourine jingles for a whole other jingle option, or combine the two to sound like an entire percussion section.

PCJ-629/616 in Artisan Wood Grain Finish

The Pearl Jingle Cajon features 2 sets of adjustable platinela and tambourine jingles on the faceplate and the cajon can be played with the jingles turned on or off and anywhere in between. The Jingle Cajon features a fiberglass body and hardwood faceplate with three sets of fixed.

PCJ-633BB/635 in Artisan Zebra Wood Finish

The Pearl Boom Box Cajon features a fiberglass body and built in bass port that magnifies the subsonic frequencies. Three sets of fixed snare wires add a crisp response to the wood faceplate.

Primero Box Cajon

The Primero Box Cajon is constructed from Asiatic Pine and is finished in Gypsy Brown matte lacquer. The Primero Box Cajon features fixed snares system which can be played for Spanish Flamenco-style and give a crisp sound. The front plate is designed for maximum bass and super-sensitive snare response.

PBC-120B in Abstract Red

This Primero cajon body is constructed using MDF and features a Meranti faceplate. A built in bass port magnifies the massive low-end tone of the cajon while two sets of fixed snare wires provide a bright, crisp snare response.

PBC-121B in Figured Cherry

This Primero Cajon features a Figured Cherry faceplate that delivers enhanced bottom-end tone that is magnified by the built in bass port. Two sets of fixed snare wires provide a bright, crisp snare response.

Travel Cajon

PTCJ-1265 Travel Cajon

The newest compliment to the M.I.P.A. Award-Winning Travel Conga is Pearl’s new Travel Cajon.  
This portable Cajon is packed with “full size” features and sound that like the Travel Conga will fool most ears into believing it is the real thing.  The 12” wood playing surface resonates the 6 ½” shell with a solid bottom and sound port that is large enough to manually adjust our exclusive Snare Rake system.  A simple twist of the thumbscrew gives you the option of snares “on” or “off”.  

The Travel Cajon can be mounted comfortably on your lap (secured by the included Velcro strap), or on a snare stand in a seated or standing position. Finished in Gloss Black Pearl’s Travel Cajon is portable, versatile, and contagiously fun to play.

Two-Face Cajon

The New 2Face Cajon from Pearl Percussion has two distinct personalities. The professional quality wood construction box drum is ported on the side with two different playing faces on the front and back. One face is 5mm thick offering a more mellow woody sound, while the reverse face is 3mm thick and gives all the punch, thump, and crack you could ask for. Both sides feature 3 sets of fixed snares. 





When its gig time you’ll have two professional level instruments in the size of one. Simply turn the instrument around and you can quickly change tonal characters- between songs or even between choruses. Pearl Percussion’s new 2Face Cajon gives you twice the possibilities and twice the personality to choose from. Be bold or be mellow… or be both at the same time.



Wedge Tri-Side Cajon

Features a wood grain Artisan II finish, this three-sided cajon is designed to provide the most comfortable playing position by having two matching striking plates that are easily played by each hand while sitting in an upright position. No longer must the player hunch over to have both hands play on the same surface.

The cajon is of fiberglass construction and is equipped with a set of fixed-snares, giving a crisp timbre to this revolutionary cajon. The larger, rounded backside of the cajon serves as a deep resonance chamber and has a built-in bass port, enhancing the subsonic frequencies for a dynamic low-end sonority.

Add the innovative Wedge Cajon to your percussion collection today!

Optional CasePSC-1213CJ

Practice Pack


The perfect tool for the on-the-go percussion student or the seasoned pro warming up backstage. It features a Velcro strap to secure it to your lap and includes a video hosted by Glen Caruba to teach you the basics of hand percussion. Practice anywhere, anytime.



Cajons Accessories

  • Cajon Riser/Lift

    Cajon Riser/Lift

    • 3-Way Cajon Riser
  • Cajon Stand

    Cajon Stand

    • Fits every cajon model.
    • Height Adjustable
    • Maximum Stability
  • Cajon Agogo Bell. Plastic

    Cajon Agogo Bell. Plastic

    PCAP-100. This easy-to-attach accessory provides a sharp cutting sound to your cajon percussion rig.
  • Cajon Agogo Bell. Metal

    Cajon Agogo Bell. Metal

    • Easily enlarge your sound
    • Hook-and-loop fastener
  • Cajon Clacker

    Cajon Clacker

    • Possible to play two different sounds
    • by Bart Fermie
  • Cajon Clave Block

    Cajon Clave Block

    • Easy-to-attach
    • 3M Dual-Lock
    • Made of prized Shorea wood 
  • Cajon Wood Block

    Cajon Wood Block

    • Beautiful wood block sound
    • Rod mounting bracket
    • 3M Dual Lock Tape strips
  • Box Cajon Seat Cushion

    Box Cajon Seat Cushion

    • Giving soft support
    • Comfy black foam seat cushion
    • Relieves back and leg aches
  • Jingle Cups

    Jingle Cups

    • Available in brass or steel platinella
    • Easily applied or removed
    • Easily loosen or tighten the jingles 
  • Cajon Holster Accessory

    Cajon Holster Accessory

    • Two deep side pockets
    • Great utility for the versatile percussionist
    • Size is adjustable 

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