Horacio Hernandez Signature Cowbells

For 2017, Pearl proudly re-introduces the series with the addition of an addition cowbell. Pearl offers the el Negro Signature cowbells in 6 models of varying size and tonal characteristics. Sold individually, these bells are made of carbon steel construction with an anodized copper finish and 2 playing surfaces, flat and rounded, to accommodate player position and preference.

Each bell features a swiveling mount which allows the player to stack multiple bells on a single post without wingnut interference. We also welcome the addition of a hand-held Campana bell that feature a Quick Release bracket that allows you to instantly go from a fixed position to hand-held .

The Horacio Hernandez Signature Cowbells combine functionality with an amazing sonority for optimal performance.

HH-1 BELLa (High-Pitched Cha-Cha)
HH-2ClaBELL  (Foot Clave)
HH-3 ClaBELL  (Foot Clave)
HH-4IsaBELL (Mambo)
HH-4X Hand Held (Campana)
HH-5 MaryBELL (Timbale)
All Bells have an original bracket/copper finish

Primero Guiro Cowbells

Pearl’s new 8” Guiro Cowbell features sturdy steel construct designed to take a beating. When played as a cowbell, the ribbed side produces a dryer tone and the opposite side produces a traditional open cowbell tone. The ribbed Guiro side features 9 parallel ridges that produce a ratchet sound when played like a traditional Guiro.

All Pearl cowbells come with a self-adhesive rubber mute if you need to control the volume. The bell’s mounting bracket accepts a 3/8” post and black powder coated finish allow it to blend in, but its tone will get you noticed. The Primer Guiro cowbell is perfectly suited for traditional cowbell applications plus it can be played as a Guiro or for additional sound-effects.

Model Number: PCB10GR Primero Guiro Cowbell

☆ Slagwerkkrant Readers Award 2019

Bala Bells

Bala Bells

If you’re looking for power and clarity look no further than our Bala Cowbells, with their distinctive mirror-polished, seamless design.  Available in seven mountable sizes and two handheld models, there’s a Bala Cowbell that is right for you.

BCM-3Bala Cha Cha Bell
BCM-5Bala Fusion Bell
BCM-7Bala Mambo Bell
BCM-8Bala Timbale Bell
BCM-9King Bala Timbale Bell
BCM-10Mounted Campana Bell
BCM-20King Bala Rock Bell w/ Power Flange
BCH-10Held Campana Bell Low-Pitched
BCH-11Hand-Held Campana Bell High-Pitched

Elite Cowbells


Our Elite Series True Tone Cowbells feature advanced, sonic engineered shapes, with precision Argon welded seams, to produce a sound quality you've just got to hear to believe. Their tone is full, clear and bright, with excellent sustain. Their angled mounting bracket features an internal eyebolt that clamps against the mounting arm creating the most secure, easy to use mounting method available.

Elite Cowbells are available in six sizes, including our Rock Bell, which features our exclusive PowerFlange edge formed into the bell.

PowerFlange is a ridge at the opening of the bell that allows it to produce a dry, controlled, yet open tone with more volume and strength than bells with plastic strips attached. With PowerFlange, you'll never have to muffle your bell again to get that great Rock Cowbell sound.


Elite Cowbell ModelsDescription
ECB-1Chico Bell
ECB-3Cha Cha Bell
ECB-5Fusion Bell
ECB-6Mambo Bell
ECB-9Timbale Bell
ECB-10Rock Bell




New Yorker Cowbell

New Yorker cowbells

The NEW New Yorker cowbells are specially designed to create the signature salsa sound, with the volume and durability to handle any musical situation. The Marc Quinones Timbal bell is the ultimate salsa campana bell. Similarly built to the New Yorkers, with its one-piece steel construction, this bell is engineered to cut through the largest latin ensembles. This is the only salsa bell approved by Marc Quinones, and is the only salsa cowbell you will ever need.

New Yorker Cowbell models Description
BCM3NYCha Cha High-Pitched
BCM5NYCha Cha Low-Pitched
BCM8NYQMarc Quinones Signature Timbal




Anarchy Cowbell

Anarchy Cowbell - PCB-20

No words are needed for the Anarchy Cowbell. Hit it and get brutal, cutting tone.


PCB-20Heavy Metal Cowbell Brutal, Cutting Tone 




Primero Cowbells


Primero Bells Series PCB-4 High and PCB-6 Low pitch

If you're looking for both quality and excellent value, you will not find a better bell for your money than our Primero Series Cowbells.

Great tone, superb volume, fully precision welded seams, and a sturdy mounting system make these bells a great addition to any percussion set-up. Primero bells are available in 4' and 6- sizes.

Primero Cowbell ModelDescription
PCB-66" Bell Low Pitch
PCB-44" Bell High Pitch


10" Millennium Chrome 




Our Tri-Agogos and Tri-Bells offer 3 bells in one package. Designed to be hand-held or mountable upon any of our popular 3/8" accessory holders, these unique bells will give the percussionist or set player a compact instrument with a wide range of tones.


PTA-30Tri-Agogo - Foam Handle, Played Hand-Held or Mounted 





Our Tri-Bells offer 3 bells in one package. Designed to be hand-held or mountable upon any of our popular 3/8" accessory holders, these unique bells will give the percussionist or set player a compact instrument with a wide range of tones.

Played Hand-Held or Mounted, Brazilian Style, "Squeezable" Handle

PTB-30Tri-bells, played Hand-Held or Mounted, Brazilian Style, "Squeezable" Handle

Stix Free

The PPS-10 and PPS-11 Stix-Free allow you to play a Cowbell by hand Stix Free is a Pearl exclusive and easily mounts to the post of any cowbell holder for truly "sticks free" action. Available In 2 sizes, PPS-10 for small bells up to 5", and PPS-11 for larger size bells.

Cowbell Beaters

Phenolic Cowbell Beater

Pearl's Pro Cowbell Beater is made from a synthetic phenolic material that will endure the heaviest pounding without splintering. Perfectly weighted, the PDC60 does the work for you by producing a high cutting tone from your handheld cowbell with minimal effort. The bright yellow handle is not only easy to spot on a dark stage, but also features a non-slip coating for a sure grip.

Dual Cowbell Beater

The Pearl PDC10 Dual Cowbell Beater features a wooden side as well as a rubber side for softer playing. It's crafted from a synthetic phenolic material that will endure strong playing without breaking. Perfectly weighted beater that will produce amazing sounds with minimal effort. Non-slip coating on the beater's handle for a sure grip.

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