P-3000D (shown in longboard set up)


The Demon Drive is without a doubt the most thoroughly engineered bass drum pedal the World has ever seen. Lightning fast power and silky smooth finesse make this the choice of some of the most prolific drummers in the world. An amazing array of adjustable features turns this pedal into an extension of your body. From beater angle, traction plate grip, and footboard height and angle, it’s all your choice. And when you feel the need for speed the Demon quickly converts to a double pedal with a simple add on pack. Unleash the Demon and find out what custom feel is all about.

A choice of 2 positions for a finesse or power feel. Simply loosen the clamshell to change position.



The Click-Lock prevents the tension knob from loosening no matter how hard you play. Simply flip up for adjustment.


U.S. Patent #7754953

Controle Core

The Demon Drive beater features a Control Core elastomer center that eliminates unwanted vibration.

U.S. Patent #7626108

Direct Link

The two position Direct Link adjusts for a choice of light or heavy feel. This creates the most seamless link between the player’s musical ideas and their execution on a bass drum.

NiNjA Bearings

The NiNjA Bearings were originally designed by skateboarding engineers. These bearings feature micro-polished steel balls for amazing speed and incredible smoothness.

Duo Deck

The most unique feature of the Demon Drive pedal is Pearl’s exclusive Duo-Deck Footboard, the world’s first convertible footboard. Through a simple adjustment, the footboard can be adjusted from a traditional shortboard to a longboard pedal in seconds, offering a slightly lighter, quicker feel that is the preferred setup when speed is a necessity.
U.S. Patent #7626107


The Z-Link Drive Shaft features Pearl’s exclusive Zero Latency Universal Joints that use precision radial ball bearings and hand-assembled CNC machined frames for zero play and smoothness that allows your slave pedal to respond as quickly and precisely as your primary.

P-3002D Direct Drive Double Pedal (shown in longboard setting)

Direct Drive Models

P-3000D: Single Pedal Complete
P-3002D: Double Pedal Complete (right footed)
P-3001D: Double Pedal Conversion Kit (right footed)
P-3002DL: Double Pedal Complete (left footed)


The Demon Chain pedal combines all of the innovative features of the Demon Drive pedal with all the power, speed, and traditional feel that so many players demand. The Perfect Circle cam provides a smooth consistent response throughout the entire range of the stroke for pinpoint accuracy and control. If you demand the feel of a chain drive in a high performance package, take the Demon out for a test drive.

Chain Drive Models

P-3000C: Single Pedal Complete
P-3002C: Double Pedal Complete (right footed)
P-3001C: Double Pedal Conversion Kit (right footed)
P-3002CL: Double Pedal Complete (left footed)


Perfect Circle Cam

The “linear-response” Perfect Circle Cam provides consistent and smooth feel throughout the entire stroke for pinpoint accuracy and superb control. The racing-inspired Cam is designed to minimize mass and maximize speed and power transfer.

Power Chain

The Demon Chain Pedal is driven by the ultra-lightweight Power Chain with low-friction rollers for speed, and double chain construction for power and dependability. The orange anodized link plates identify the Demon Chain as a member of the Demon family of pedals.

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