Crystal Beat

The Original Seamless Acrylic Drum Set.

Not just another transparent drums, Pearl Crystal Beat's original seamless shell is back, upgraded, and fortified for today's power player.

In 1973, Pearl set a benchmark in the drumming world with the introduction of the clear see-through drum set - Crystal Beat. A stunning combination of visual appeal and powerful sonic attack, Crystal Beat's revolutionary transparent construction was molded -not rolled- creating a strong acrylic drum system for a stronger, tour-ready percussive assault.

"Both in looks and tones, Crystal Beat drums are not for the shy and retiring type - there's plenty of scope to be seen and show off."


"They’re very focused but speak beautifully with a real punch. So, they look like they’ll punch you in the face and they sound that way too. There’s so much presence."





SHELLS 7mm Seamless Molded Acrylic
SNARE Matching Free Floater (sold separately)
FINISH Transparent
HEADS 2-Ply on Tom Batters, 1-Ply Resonant
TOM MOUNTS  OptiMount Suspension System
TOM ARMS Sold Separately
HOOPS 1.6mm Triple-Flanged
LUGS CB Mid Lugs on Toms, CB Fat-Lugs on Bass


By increasing shell thickness to 7mm, Pearl Crystal Beat modern see-through drum shell is more flexible, less brittle and delivers more body and tone than ever before.

Its dual 45° bearing edge features a rounded apex, adding control, increased articulation, and punch to acrylic’s lively sonic nature.


Pearl Crystal Beat clear toms include the Opti-Mount suspension system to remove undue shell pressure and increase sustain. 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops offer just the right amount of attack without sacrificing tonal body.

Colour Selector

Available finishes

#730 Ultra Clear

#731 Ruby Red

#732 Tangerine





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