Session Studio Select

Crafted for Studio Recording

Session Studio Select without a question is the ultimate value in drums. Offering many of the ground-breaking features normally found on drums that cost substantially more. The magic of this Pearl Session Studio Select kit is the hybrid shell: the Birch gives you a great snap and African Mahogany adds warmth to the sound.

For over a quarter century, Pearl’s Session Series drums have yielded some of the most harmonically vibrant recorded drum tones ever captured in the studio environment. Returning with a custom upgrade from the boutique-level Masterworks spectrum, new Session Studio Select drums shift to the classic shell blend that made them an artist favorite.

New 2020 Finish: Black Mirror Chrome #766

Pearl Session Studio Select drum kit in Gloss Barnwood Brown finish
RF Flat Lugs

A completely new take on the full spectrum sound

The Session Studio Select drum shell is a thin, 5.4mm EvenPly-Six combination of Masters-grade Birch and African Mahogany. The controlled punch of Pearl’s fresh 60-degree bearing edge delivers a blend of pre-EQ’d clarity and tonal warmth. Our Pearl Session Studio Classic is the perfect Step up kit for the aspiring musician.

Sound: Lush, thunderous bottom end sustain with commanding high range attack. The thin shell allows the tonewood to "breath", increasing note length without sacrificing articulation. Crafted for recordring environments, medium-to-large venues, and houses of worship. 

Finishes: Session Studio Select drum kit finishes include two high gloss lacquers: #314 Gloss Barnwood Brown, #103 Piano Black and two Delmar wraps: #405 Nicotine White Marine Pearl and stunning #766 Black Mirror Chrome (NEW in 2020).

SHELLS6-ply 5.4mm Session Formula Birch/African Mahogany Shells. 60° Outer Bearing Edge
SNARE14X5.5, 14X6.5, or 14x8 Matching (Sold Separately)
FINISHBeautiful Super Pro Lacquer & Premium Delmar Finishes
HEADSRemo Pinstripe Tom Batter/Clear Remo Heads, Remo Powerstroke Bass Drum Heads, Remo Snare Drum Heads
TOM MOUNTSOptiMount Suspension System
HOOPSSuperHoop II 2.3mm on Snares,Toms, and Floor toms. Wood Bass Drum Hoops w/ Matching Finish
LUGSRL10/RL20 Session Lugs


The Pearl Session Sound originated with the blending of Birch and Mahogany in a hybrid shell that was both warm and resonant, as well as punchy and loud. Returning with an unexpected upgrade, Session Studio Select drum set shifts to a thinner, 5.4mm EvenPly-Six combination of Masters-grade Birch and African Mahogany. Taking a tip from the Masterworks spectrum, Session Studio Select kit increases punch and focus with Pearl’s 60 degree bearing edge, creating a shell with stunning tonal decay.

RF Flat Lugs

Adds weight to the shell to increase volume and overtune control.

Bearing Edge

Outer 60-Degree increases volume and punch without harsh overtones.

SuperHoop ll

SuperHoop ll - Pearl's 2.3mm Triple-Flanged hoop offers rigid tuning stability without robbing the shell of sustain.


Available finishes

#103 Piano Black

Nicotine White Marine Pearl

Gloss Barnwood Brown.

#103 Piano Black

#766 Black Mirror Chrome



Pearl Session Studio Select small drum kit configuration layout: STS904XP


Pearl Session Studio Select 4 piece small drum configuration layout: STS924XSP


Pearl Session Studio Select small 3 piece drum configuration layout: STS943XP


Pearl Session Studio Select small 3 piece drum configuration layout: STS983XP

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