Session Studio Select

Session Studio Select without a question is the ultimate value in drums. Offering many of the ground-breaking features normally found on drums that cost substantially more. The magic of this Pearl Session Studio Select kit is the hybrid shell: the Birch gives you a great snap and African Mahogany adds warmth to the sound.

For over a quarter century, Pearl’s Session Series drums have yielded some of the most harmonically vibrant recorded drum tones ever captured in the studio environment. Returning with a custom upgrade from the boutique-level Masterworks spectrum, new Session Studio Select drums shift to the classic shell blend that made them an artist favorite.

Crafted for Studio Recording

Pearl Session Studio Select drum kit in Gloss Barnwood Brown finish
RF Flat Lugs

A completely new take on the full spectrum sound

The Session Studio Select drum shell is a thin, 5.4mm EvenPly-Six combination of Masters-grade Birch and African Mahogany. The controlled punch of Pearl’s fresh 60-degree bearing edge delivers a blend of pre-EQ’d clarity and tonal warmth. Our Pearl Session Studio Classic is the perfect Step up kit for the aspiring musician.

Sound: Lush, thunderous bottom end sustain with commanding high range attack. The thin shell allows the tonewood to "breath", increasing note length without sacrificing articulation. Crafted for recordring environments, medium-to-large venues, and houses of worship. 

Finishes: Session Studio Select drum kit finishes include two high gloss lacquers #314 Gloss Barnwood Brown, #103 Piano Black and one deluxe Delmar wrap, #405 Nicotine White Marine Pearl.

SHELLS6-ply 5.4mm Session Formula Birch/African Mahogany Shells. 60° Outer Bearing Edge
SNARE14X5.5, 14X6.5, or 14x8 Matching (Sold Separately)
FINISHBeautiful Super Pro Lacquer & Premium Delmar Finishes
HEADSRemo Pinstripe Tom Batter/Clear Remo Heads, Remo Powerstroke Bass Drum Heads, Remo Snare Drum Heads
TOM MOUNTSOptiMount Suspension System
HOOPSSuperHoop II 2.3mm on Snares,Toms, and Floor toms. Wood Bass Drum Hoops w/ Matching Finish
LUGSRL10/RL20 Session Lugs


The Pearl Session Sound originated with the blending of Birch and Mahogany in a hybrid shell that was both warm and resonant, as well as punchy and loud. Returning with an unexpected upgrade, Session Studio Select drum set shifts to a thinner, 5.4mm EvenPly-Six combination of Masters-grade Birch and African Mahogany. Taking a tip from the Masterworks spectrum, Session Studio Select kit increases punch and focus with Pearl’s 60 degree bearing edge, creating a shell with stunning tonal decay.

RF Flat Lugs

Adds weight to the shell to increase volume and overtune control.

Bearing Edge

Outer 60-Degree increases volume and punch without harsh overtones.

SuperHoop ll

SuperHoop ll - Pearl's 2.3mm Triple-Flanged hoop offers rigid tuning stability without robbing the shell of sustain.


Available finishes

#103 Piano Black

Nicotine White Marine Pearl

Gloss Barnwood Brown.

#103 Piano Black



Pearl Session Studio Select small drum kit configuration layout: STS904XP


Pearl Session Studio Select 4 piece small drum configuration layout: STS924XSP


Pearl Session Studio Select small 3 piece drum configuration layout: STS943XP


Pearl Session Studio Select small 3 piece drum configuration layout: STS983XP

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