New dimension of expressivity

BopPad is an expressive electronic drum pad for drummers, percussionists and producers. BopPad gives you accurate hit detection (with latency under 3ms!), velocity, continuous radius and pressure. Four independently programmable zones output MIDI notes, velocity, pitch bend, pressure and location CCs.


BopPad has an extremely wide dynamic range and measures strike velocity from the softest hand drumming to the most brutal percussive assault.


BopPad brings a new level of possibility to your drum set. Trigger samples, sound effects, pads and chords. Radial sensitivity unleashes dynamic potential!

Road Proof

BopPad has a tuned elastomer surface, no moving parts, and a USB port guard ensures it will stand up to a lifetime of spills, fills, and hard hits.

Realistic feel and portable design

BopPad has an extremely wide dynamic range and measures strike velocity from the softest hand drumming to the most brutal percussive assault. A robust tuned elastomer surface covers a 10” circle of our patented Smart Fabric Sensor Technology to give you traditional feel and a new dimension of expressivity.BopPad can also operate as a conventional practice pad with a realistic feel and portable, lightweight design.

With BopPad you can bring a new range of sonic possibility to your drum set, trigger samples, sound effects, pads and chords. Unleash your creativity by playing your software instruments and synthesizers in a whole new way. So portable you can bring it everywhere and never miss a beat when inspiration strikes.


BopPad (K-108) Mount

BopPad Mount connects to a cymbal stand providing a convenient way to incorporate BopPad into your drum kit. Its anodized aluminum frame ensures it is both lightweight and rugged and the M8 thread is compatible with most cymbal stands available today!

  • Reinforced base
  • Easily set
  • Firm grip with rubber insulators
  • Anodized red finish

"I've been wanting a piece of gear like this for the longest time, BopPad does more for me than anything on the market"



100% Perfect little versatile USB drum pad!


The BopPad is the most expressive pad controller I've ever used. It's my new go-to for giving midi percussion parts a human feel.


A seemingly simple USB pad controller with virtually limitless capabilities.


You can only play a drum a few ways, and BopPad allows you to take that skill set and play drums in a way you've never played before.


BopPad is another one of KMI's irresistible instruments.


From a physical perspective, the BopPad couldn't be simpler, but from a playing and perfomance point of view it's extremely powerful! This is a great addition to any percussionist's or programmer's arsenal.


Get started

Minimum System Requirements

  • For Mac: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3GHz (or greater), 100 MB free hard disk space, Mac OS 10.9 or later
  • For Windows: 2.5 GHz processor (or greater), 4 GB RAM (or greater), USB 2.0 (or greater), 100 MB free hard disk space, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10 (64-bit only)

BopPad Utilities

The BopPad Zones app allows you to send multiple notes per quadrant from your BopPad to any music software on your computer

BopPad Software Templates

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