New in 2020. Single-braced

Boasting the same sturdy tubing and tier joints as their double-braced counterparts, Pearl’s new 930 Series Single Braced Hardware is an excellent choice for the gigging drummer on the move.
Using the high-function and durability of the 930 Series stands, the Cymbal (C930S,) Cymbal Boom (BC930S,) and Snare (S930S,) stands are built to stand up to rigorous gigging and play with dramatically reduced weight.

A corresponding single-braced 1030 Series Hi-Hat stand (H1030S,) is now available to not only partner with the 930S Stands, but also Pearl’s new Eliminator: Solo bass drum pedals. Its independent Trident tripod is positioned separate from the pedal frame to easily accommodate double bass drum pedals.


This advanced hardware set is ideal for any ability and guarantees stability and reliability whilst performing.

BC-930 boom cymbal stand

The BC-930 is a member of the MIPA award-winning 900 Series Hardware family, and features a Uni-Lock Tilter for infinitely adjustable cymbal positioning. It’s telescopic knurled cymbal arm allows for an incredible amount of positioning possibilities. The cymbal arm can also fit back inside the main pipe tube, instantly converting into a straight cymbal stand if so desired. 

C-930 cymbal stand

This straight C-930 cymbal stand features a Uni-Lock cymbal tilter for infinite positioning possibilities, and double braced legs for a sure and steady base.

H-930 hi-hat stand

The H-930 features many of the same type of components as our flagship H-2050 stand. NEW Demon Style Long Footboard, Trident Design Tripod with Swivel Function, and Spring Tension Dial.

S-930 snare stand

New streamlined pipe joints now include Pearl’s new “clam shell” style collars on the 930 series snare stands. The base of each stand has received an upgrade with the addition of the new double braced Trident Design Tripod which prohibits damage to the stand’s pipe from excess torque. 

P-930 pedal

Pearl’s P-930 merges many of the advanced features of our Flagship Demon Drive with our Award winning Eliminator line to create a bass drum pedal never before available in this price range.


Heavy duty, road worthy, affordable hardware

BC-830 boom cymbal stand

The Pearl BC-830 Double Braced Cymbal Stand with Uni-Lock Tilter has 2 sections and double-braced legs. The BC-830 also features positive-locking gear tilters for slip-proof cymbal positioning.

C-830 cymbal stand

The C-830 is a lightweight cymbal stand, yet features a Uni-Lock tilter & double braced legs for a stand that is easy to transport and super sturdy.

H-830 hi-hat stand

When it comes to entry-level hardware Pearl's H-830 Hi-Hat Stand leads the pack in quality and value. The H-830 hi-hat features double braced legs for exceptional stability while remaining compact and lightweight. A retractable spur is provided for slip-resistance.

S-830 snare stand

Our S-830 model is standard equiped with our Export line. Lightweight, yet rigidly strong, it's perfect for the local gig and makes load in at the club a breeze. The S-830 has an infinitely adjustable tilter and double braced legs.

P-930 pedal

Pearl’s P-930 provides a high end performance inspired from our Demon Drive like the longboard footboard, Control Core beater and our Click-Lock spring tension keepers combine with our PowerShifter and Eliminator style cam technology



HWP 150S

Built to stand up to rigorous gigging

BC-150S boom cymbal stand

BC-150S boom cymbal's Uni-Lock and basket tilters make finding the correct angle a breeze. All this, plus accessible pricing make 150 Series Stands essential for the gigging player. Each stand also changes quickly from flat-based to traditional single-braced legs by simply flipping the convertible tripod base.

H-150S hi-hat stand

H-150S includes a Swivel Function which allows easy double pedal positioning, direct Pull Drive System, Spring Tension Adjusment and Redline Traction Plate Footboard

S-150S snare stand

Taking on the flush-based platform of classic drum hardware, our S-150S snare stand is built to stand up to rigorous gigging and play at less than 2,5Kg each.

C-150S cymbal stand

This C-150S cymbal stand includes Cymbal tilter, Uni-Lock tilter, plastic wingnut, cymbal cup, reversible felt/foam washer, convertible boom tilter.


For entry level drummers

P-530 pedal

Pearl’s new P-530 Pedal delivers pro speed and function at a fraction of the cost. Pearl is proud to introduce the new standard in student bass drum pedals. This is one of the most affordable pedals on the market. The P-530 features many of the similar specifications and advanced hardware of Pearl’s other pedals, such as a Dual Chain drive action, a Duo-Beater, Uni-Lock Beater Angle Cam, and Side Hoop Clamp.

D-50 drum throne

The D-50 throne features a round vinyl covered cushion, double braced tripod, and is height adjustable with a pin lock. The height range is 495 - 620mm



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