Masterworks 20th Anniversary Snare Drum

The nucleus of this 20th Anniversary snare is a 6ply Maple/Poplar/Maple drum shell with an outer Imbuia veneer. The choice of Imbuia wood makes this snare even more special than it already is. We've build only 20 special snares, representing each year of the Masterworks history. 

It delivers a memorable vintage sound with a cutting-edge quality. Thanks to the Swivel Tube lugs this Anniversary snare pampers its owner with a truly classic look, whereas black hardware and a wood finish give the design a modern touch. Contributing to its excellence from a technical point of view this snare is equipped with the SR1000 snare strainer and the Spin Tight Rods.

SHELL6 PLY (7.5mm) Maple/Poplar/Maple shell with an outer Imbuia veneer
FINISHNatural Imbuia
BEARING EDGEInner 45 Degrees
HARDWAREBlack Nickel
HOOPSPearl MasterCast
LUGSSTL65 Swivel Tube Lug
RODSSpin-Tight Tension Rods
VENTGolden Ratio Air Vent

Pearl EXA Snare Drum in Smudge

This special 'smudge' wrap on the Pearl Export 14’’ x 5.5’’ snare drum is incredibly stylish and striking, ensuring that you'll catch eyes wherever you play. Our superior shell technology ensures resonance and articulation you need. Each wood has been carefully chosen due to its acoustic properties and crafted using advanced construction methods to achieve an air-tight fit. 

But looks stunning, doesn't it?

Art. Nr. EXA1455S/C782

SensiTone Steel in Black Nickel

SensiTone 14"x5.0" steel snare with black nickel plated finish can easily achieve a loud sound, while still being sensitive and adaptable. This snare drum is definitely a good value for money. Easy to tune, reliable, with a great snare action.

Ar. Nr. LMUS1450



SensiTone Chrome Plated Snare Drum

LMSS1455 in chrome plated finish 14x5.5 steel snare

Export EXL Snare Drum in Satin Slate Black

14"x5.5'" Snare drum in Satin Slate Black


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