Parade Series

Parade Series Drums with top and bottom strainer

Bring your Beat to the Parade

Whether you are taking your first steps on parade or debuting on the field of competition, the Parade Snare Drums are great sounding instruments available in one size (14”x12”) and two versions, allowing the expression of diverse musical ideas.
Equally suitable for younger players or those with more experience, Parade Series delivers excellent response and tone and gives your band what it needs for an affordable budget.

With Parade Series you will be bringing the beat to the street featuring a 4 Ply lightweight Kapur/Poplar shell and chrome hardware as standard. Starting with only 4.3Kg it is a lightweight drum and let’s you march for hours.

Parade Series Drums come in 2 versions, one with single snare (PRS1412SS) and one with twin snare (PRS1412TS).


LugsHigh Tension Chrome Lugs
Shell4 Ply Shell; 2 Ply Kapur and 2 Ply Poplar, with Birch

Reinforcement rings

Two Versions: 1.  With Top and Bottom Strainers
2.  With Bottom Strainer only
Lightweight: just 5.1Kg (Double Strainer Version)
4.3Kg (Bottom Strainer Version)
Snare Wires:Chrome Snare Wires; for Increased Brightness
Hoops:  Light weight Triple Flanged
Heads:    Smooth White Batter Head / ST Pearl Resonance Head
Super High Gloss CoveringPure White (33), Midnight (46)

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