MX Airframe Pipe Band Carrier (MXSP-1)

A carrier that combines lightweight simple design with rugged durability: CX Airframe. A revolutionary breakthrough in carrier design featuring a solid rod form-fitting upper body frame attached to a lightweight aluminum belly plate. The plush shoulder and belly pads are removable for cleaning and arebuilt with a “stealth” design that allows CX Carriers to practically disappear under uniforms.

Highly adjustable
Minimal Moving Parts
For players of all sizes and skill levels
CS Agility Control System Belt

Short Pipe J-hooks

This Pipe version of the CX Snare Carrier has been customised with short Pipe J-hooks that allow for the drum to be positioned as high and as close to the body as possible. In addition, the CXSA-1 Snare Attachement from the CX AirFrame carriers has been added to the MXSP-1 for an even tighter playing position that allows for angle adjustment and flip-up rest.

ACS Agility Control System Belt

The ACS Agility Control System Belt performs two important functions: 

1) Reduces back strain by transferring the weight of the instrument to the players hips, thereby reducing fatigue and thechance of injury by lowering thecenter of gravity;  

2) Unites the player to the instrument for unencumbered performance,allowing players to more easily meet the movement demands of contemporary drill design.

CX Airframe Pipe Band Carrier (CXSP-1)

Elegantly Simple. Incredibly Solid.

The Pearl CX Airframe carrier features a well padded rod style frame that allows for a wide range of adjustments The CXSP-1 model comes with both Corps style J-rods, and 2) AL-72 Pipe Snare J-rods as used on the MXSP-1 so the player can choose the best fit.

Strong and Lightweight
Sturdy J-hook mounting design
Ultra-soft shoulder and belly pads
Drum position adjustments: up/down, tilt
Removable pads

Phenomenal support

This Pearl CX Pipe Band Carrier is very simple, it offers fit adjustment without lots of extra parts. The thick, removable padding is super-soft, and the sleek "stealth" design gives the carrier a discreet look. Support is phenomenal: the shoulder support goes all the way around, and there's a padded, adjustable waistbelt for comfort and stability. 

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