Medalist Pipe Band Snare Drums

100% Birch

The Medalist Pipe Band snare drums feature a full free-floating shell formed with Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology and a precision cut snare bed for the ultimate in snare response. Available in 100% Birch 4 ply Shells, with 2 ply reinforcement rings and a high strength Aluminum edge ring for high tension.

The high strength lightweight aircraft Aluminum edge ring offers extreme durability under the most aggressive tunings. Pearl’s Quick-Release Snare System allows the removal of the entire snares with the turn of a knob for super easy head changes. The upper snare unit uses a 28 strand chrome-plated carbon steel snare that features exterior adjustability over tension and head contact via a standard drum key. Compatible with special MXSP-1 Pipe Snare Carrier.




•    100% Birch 4 ply Shell with 2 ply Reinforcement Rings
•    New Design Top & Bottom strainers, Weight reduction over 35%
•    New Chrome Snare Wires increase Brightness; meticulously soldered, placed & even tensioned
•    Mirror Anodized Hardware Finish
•    Aluminium alloy edge rings and rims that withstand the highest Tensions
•    Free floating mounting brackets on bottom strainer
•    45 Degree Bearing Edge for a Great Cutting Sound
•    Remo Cybermax Kevlar® Head
•    Compatible with Pearl T-Frame and Air Frame Carriers


14" x 7.0"

NEW in 2019

Introducing the all new "Medalist Lite" line-up to Championship Series Marching Percussion. Keeping the professional sound but born to achieve the best performance for those who need Smaller profile.

Light Weight: 12.19 Pounds (5.53 kg)

14" x 12"

Compatible with Pearl T-Frame and Air Frame Carriers

Weight: 6,25Kg/13.8lbs

Colour Selector

Available finishes

#155 Scarlet Fade #195 Crystal Rain

#155 Scarlet Fade

#195 Crystal Rain

#369 Purple Sparkle Burst

#376 Ultra Blue Fade

NEW "Black out" snares

Introducing the all new "Black Out" Powdercoat Hardware line-up to Championship Series Marching Percussion. Black Powdercoat hardware adds a touch of drama to your Band Uniform or Custom finish drums and pushes your band's spirit over the goal line.

Available finishes: Blue-Black Burst, Red-Black Burst, Purple-Black Burst, Black Silver Burst

Weight: 6,25Kg/13.8lbs

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