Dennis Chambers Signature Snare Drum

Dennis Chambers is considered by many to be one of the most highly regarded drummers of all time. Dennis’ new signature drum is a unique tribute to his diverse playing talents. 

This top specification drum includes a wide range of features to help you achieve the perfect sound. 

Starting with Pearl’s Ultracast seamless aluminium shell, Dennis’ new snare features an interior midsection milled to a 3mm thickness, with both ends extending to 5mm to simulate reinforcement rings.  The shell exterior features machined grooves and a Black Nickel finish to add tonal control.

The DC1450S/N features a 12-lug batter/8-lug resonant tension lug design using Pearl’s single Swivel Tube Lugs.  This 12-over-8 lug design brings focus to the batter head and centered sensitivity. All shell hardware, including a multi-tension snare switch, is finished in stunning nickel plating.  

Designed to accentuate Dennis’ versatility as a player, the new DC1450S/N provides a crisp articulation and volume with bold midrange power.

Dennis Chambers Signature Series Snare Drums will be outfitted with Evans heads (B14STD ST Dry batter and S14H30 snare head).


Size14” x 5”
Shell3mm Cast Aluminum Shell
HoopsSuperHoop II
Rods20 (12 Top / 8 Bottom) brings focus to the batter head and centered sensitivity
Tension RodsSST-5047 Stainless Steel
HeadEvans B-14GIRB/S14H30
ColourBlack Nickel

Built to capture the tonal nuances of the recording studio with live venue power, master drummer Brian Frasier Moore designed his new Pearl Signature Snare Drum to master the widest dynamic range possible. This luxurious instrument features the strong, recording-friendly shell combination of North American Maple and premium imported Gum wood. However, its extra-thick 12-ply configuration, Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops, and streamlined CL bridge lugs add significant volume and attack. "In my opinion, a great snare drum provides power, tone and versatility," Brian states. "I’m proud to say that we’ve accomplished these things with my Pearl Signature Snare. If you’re looking for that complete sound, then this is the snare for you." Available in Gloss Naturalburst Lacquer over Artisan Exotic Gum wood outer veneer, Brian’s Signature Snare is a must for the ever-evolving timekeeper.

Omar Hakim

Having anchored the drum chair for the likes of Madonna, Sting and David Bowie, to name a few, Omar was looking for a unique sound while designing his signature snare drum. The 13" x 5" shell has a power piccolo sound, while the Mahogany helps to produce the perfect blend of sonic power, projection and tonal colour.

Anyone who has heard Omar Hakim perform will remember the power and dynamic tonality of his snare sound. Our Omar Hakim Signature Series Snare Drums offer a unique voice that many call the "Power Piccolo" sound. These exclusive 13"x5" snare drums offer a rare naturally finished six ply 100% African Mahogany shell, 2.3mm shell counter hoops, our SR-015 "Gladstone Style" Vertical Pull Throw-Off, and precison-fit Stainless Steel tension rods and solid brass receives for super precise tuning. The characteristic warmth and slightly darker and drier sound of the 100% natural Mahogany shell, combined with its unique 13"x5" size, produces the Omar Hakim "sound".


Size13” x 5”
Shell6 ply African Mahogany
HoopsSuperHoop II
Tension RodsSST-5047
Color#140 Natural Mahogany

Omar Hakim 30th Anniversary Snare Drum

Limited Edition

Shell14"x6.5" Beaded Steel
FinishTitanium Nitride
HoopsSuperHoop II SH1410B/SH1410S
LugsSwivel Tube Lugs STL-100
RodsSST5047 Tension rods x10

With over 500 albums to his recording credit, master groovesmith Omar Hakim’s drumming voice is saught after and respected. As 2017 marks 30 years of Pearl Drums being part of that voice, Omar’s new 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Signature Snare celebrates the back-story while looking to the future with bold new purpose.

“Part of the magic of the recording environment is knowing what elements to bring to the table to craft something great,” Omar states. “This new snare represents a similar approach: combining familiar elements together for a totally fresh result.”

A radical departure from Omar’s existing Mahogany-blend Signature drum, the new 30th Anniversary snare begins with a beaded 1mm 14”x6.5” Steel shell. A radical process called Physical Vapor Deposition adds a unique layer of Titanium Nitride to the exterior; transforming the shell material to a harder surface and giving it a shifting, iridescent purple hue.

“As one that has played a fair amount of Pearl drums in the past three decades,” Omar adds, “I’m honored to add this one to my tonal palette.”

Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison has a reputation as one of the most influential, respected and successful drummers in the world today. Playing stadiums worldwide with Slipknot, Joey needed a snare drum with a higher pitch and monster bite, and this 13" x 6.5" 1mm Steel shell Power Piccolo delivers the rage and power you’d expect from Joey. Black Super Hoops and Masters double ended lugs compliment the black shell decorated with Slipknot logos. Accept no substitutes.

Working with the Pearl design team Joey helped engineer what can only be described as a power piccolo. Its 13" x 6.5" 1 mm steel shell produces a higher pitch with real bite while the 6.5" depth delivers the body and power.  The drum’s SR-017 strainer features a vertical pull action for ideal snare-to-head contact using minimal tension and results in superior snare response at all playing levels.


Size13” x 6.5”
HoopsSuperHoop II/Black
Tension RodsSST-5047

Ian Paice

Deep Purple’s legendary drummer designed his snare drum to have classic looks and sound with modern components. The 6.5" steel shell will give you a big rock sound, and the locking nuts will help your drum stay in tune all night long.

Innovative…. Timeless….. Legendary…… these words not only describe this incredible player but the drum that bears his name. Pearl is proud to announce the result of our collaboration with one of rock’s most celebrated drummers…. The Ian Paice Signature Snare Drum. You can’t help but be familiar with the drummer who helped propel Deep Purple into Rock and Roll history with such hits as Space Trucking, Hush, and Smoke On The Water. This 14" x 6.5" Chrome Plated SensiTone shell features Stainless Steel Tension Rods and SuperHoop II rims. Stop-locks on the tension rods give you the satisfaction of knowing that your tuning will stay precise and accurate as you explore the drum’s sonic range. Ian’s drum uses our classic internal muffler to attain its contemporary sound. This drum is destined to be a collector’s item.


Size14” x 6.5”
ShellBeaded Steel
HoopsSuperHoop II
Tension RodsSST-5042



Eric Singer 30th Anniversary Snare Drum

Limited Edition 2017

In tribute to 30 years of drumming together on stages all over the world, Pearl and KISS drummer Eric Singer recently collaborated to create a new Limited Edition Signature drum with a nod to one of the great snares of Pearl’s past.

“I collect classic and vintage Pearl drums,” says Eric. “I love the sound and feel of the original Jupiter Chrome-over-Brass models from the 70’s, and really wanted to explore that sound with an updated feel.” The result is Eric’s new 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Signature Snare

Released on the heels of Singer and Pearl’s successful charity drum auction for the Lifeline Charter School in 2016, Eric’s new snare begins with a dual-beaded Jupiter-style 1mm Chrome-plated Brass shell. In contrast to the Jupiter’s original parallel action strainer, Eric’s Limited Signature update features Pearl’s compact Click-Lock throw-off for smooth, sensitive response. Each drum is signed by Eric and assures tuning accuracy with Pearl’s low-contact CL Bridge Lugs.

Similar to last year’s auction drum, all artist royalties from the sale of Eric’s 30th Anniversary Limited Snare will benefit school music and arts programs at the Lifeline Education Charter School in Compton, CA.

“It has been an honor and pleasure to play PEARL DRUMS for over 30 years and counting,” Singer says. “They have truly given me The Best Reason to Play Drums!!”

Shell14"x6.5" Two Bead Brass
HoopsSuperhoopII SH1410B / SH1410S
LugsClassic Lugs CL-65
RodsStainless Steel SST5047 Tension rods x10

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