Pearl adds to its line of road ready percussion stands with the introduction of the new 3000 Series Pro Djembe Stand. A low center of gravity and sturdy tripod base form a foundation that will provide rock solid placement of your djembe. The chrome plated PD3000 cradle features six 1” Spring-locking length adjustments that extend the cradle from 16” to 21” to accommodate all full-size djembes. The strap on the PD3000 also features a Lift-Loc buckle system that prevents loosening while you play. You’ll never chase your djembe around the stage again when you have Pearl 3000 Series Pro Djembe Stands.




Conga stands come in many shapes and sizes and the new Pearl 3000 Series Pro Conga Stand delivers on all the touch points needed by todays gigging musician. The sturdy chrome plated legs rest on locking casters that allow you to roll into place and then stay there. Each leg features six 1” Sprint-Lock height adjustments that take the stand from 16” to 21” tall. The PC3000 accommodates any size conga and your drum will rest on three adjustable grippers that are design to firmly hold your drum while protecting the finish.

Trap Tray

The Pearl Tech Tray features a compact size of 11 x 8 ½ inches, making it small enough to fit into a drum set configuration, but retaining enough size to allow for the placement of a tablet or accessories such as a phone, auxiliary percussion, or tools. The Tech Tray features a felt lined surface, a grooved edge for placement of an extra stick, and two hinges which allow for the included clamp to be moved for vertical or horizontal placement. The Pearl Tech Tray can be mounted to cymbal stands and hi hat stands or off of a bass drum by the use of any 3/8th inch arm adapter.

Conga Travel


Travel Conga

PC-1100TC - Stand for 11" w/Carrying Bag
PC-1175TC - Stand for 11.75" w/Carrying Bag
PC-1250TC - Stand for 12.5" w/Carrying Bag
PPS-50TC   - Stand Bridge

Conga PC950TW


PC950TW Conga Stand

Cajon stand

Cajons Stands



Conga PC-900S


PC-900S Conga Stand

Djembe PHD-1000


Pearl Percussion’s PHD-1000 Djembe stand is the ultimate in portability and ease-of-use. The PHD-1000 stays attached to the drum for transport (it fits virtually all styles and brands) and sets up in seconds by simply swinging the legs outward. When done, simply pull the knob attached to the hinge and the legs automatically collapse and nest against the drum while exposing an ergonomic carrying handle! The PHD-1000 is perfect for drum circles, music camps, schools, marching/field percussion, or anywhere a quick, sturdy, and hassle-free set-up is needed.

Hide-Away Djembe Stand
Fits All Djembes

Djembe PC-900


PC-900 All Fit Stand, fits both congas and djembes. When you play sitting, it is ideal to angle your Djembe with this stand.

Timbale PT-900W


PT-900W Timbale Stand

Trap Table PTT-1212


Trap Table Stand to mount from stand

Trap Table

Trap Table Accessories

Trap Table Accessories



Trap Table PTT-1824W

PTT-1824W Trap Table

Our popular PTT-1824W Trap Table can now be easily converted to a two-level folding rack without drilling or modifications by simply adding Pearl’s new PTR-1824 Add-On Trap Table Rack.  The PTR-1824 installs in seconds using clamps and folds flush with the table for easy pack-up.  Included are four straight and four angled 3/8” knurled posts that clamps anywhere on horizontal vertical areas of the rack thanks to their unique clamping system.  Also included is a retractable three-legged stabilizer bar for optimum stability.

Conga - Djembe Stands

  • Conga PC-900


    This versatile conga stand fits almost makes of congas and djembes. The PC-900 is height adjustable to accommodate players for standing or sitting and is tiltabe for different playing configurations. Two other great aspects of the PC-900 is its compact design which allows it to fold nicely for transport and the quick release drum strap. Models PC900 All-Fit Conga/Djembe Stand Height Adjustable, Tiltable

  • Conga PC-2000


    PC-2000 Conga Kick Stand is a one-size-fits-all stand packed full of user-friendly features. Designed to accommodate the standing percussionist, the PC2000 features extendable legs and a contemporary frame designed to perfectly unite two, three, or four stands together. The legs fold out in seconds and lock into place via one wing bolt per leg, and to ensure the same adjustments each time, measurement markings are etched on the inside of each leg and the rubber conga shell holders. Stickers are included to record your favorite settings. Finished in flat black to keep the visual focus on your congas, the PC2000 sets up in seconds and packs up even quicker, making them perfect for the working percussionist.


    One-Size-Fits-All Conga Kick Stand
    Adjustable Legs

  • Conga Primero Pro

    Primero Pro

    Primero Pro Conga Stands

    • PC100DX
      Basket Stand 10" Primero Pro
      Height Adjustable
    • PC110DX
      Basket Stand 11" Primero Pro
      Height Adjustable
    • PC117DX
      Basket Stand 11.75" Primero Pro
      Height Adjustable
    • PC120DX
      Basket Stand 12" Primero Pro
      Height Adjustable
    • PC125DX
      Basket Stand 12.5" Primero Pro
      Height Adjustable
  • Conga Primero


    Primero Conga Stands

    • PC100P
      Basket Stand 10" Primero Pro
      Height Adjustable
    • PC110P
      Basket Stand 11" Primero
      Height Adjustable
    • PC200W
      Twin Conga Stand
      Height Adjustable
  • Conga PC-1000QRS


    Pearl's QRS Multi-Stand represents innovation at its best designed with the working Percussionist in mind. The Quick Release System facilitates fast and dependable mounting of a wide variety of Percussion instruments. Congas, Djembes or Bongos. The flip of one ergonomically designed handle quickly and securely locks your instrument into place, ready to play. At the core of the ORS Multi-Stand is a spring loaded swing handle that offers one touch, secure clamping, for practically any combination of instrument with an appropriate standard 2 hole mounting bracket. Specialty brackets are also available for attaching bongos and cowbells to turn the ORS Multi-Stand into the only stand you might ever need. The QRS Multi-Stand offers complete height adjustability via 2 removable, fully adjustable drum supports mounted on its leg braces Each leg of its ultra-sturdy tripod extends individually, allowing you to tilt the stand in any direction to achieve set-up possibilities never before available with traditional stands. ORS is the choice of the working Percussionist.

  • Conga PC-3000TW


    PC-3000TW Conga Stand

Bongo Stands

  • Spec/Features


    All-fit design Unique design fits virtually all bongos regardless of brand.
    Quick on / off Unique "cradle" design allows bongos to be instantly moved from mounted to "between the knees" playing and back again.
    Tiltable Provides the perfect playing angle for comfort and ease of play -- steep angles are possible when used with the strap (included).
    Heavy-duty Double braced legs provide wobble-free playing.

    Bongo PB-700


    Fits Virtually All Bongos
    Single Braced Legs

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