1030 Series GyroLock Tom Holders

TH-1030S Tom holder, with 5" leg.

The TH-1030 incorporates our GyroLock technology that provides an infinite range of angles for fine positioning of your drums, one keybolt for quicker setting, and stop locks for slip-free and repeatable set ups. The tom arm offer dependable drum positioning never before possible. It is available in three sizes as the TH1030, TH1030i and TH1030S.


Type of Tom HolderSize
Diameter of Post7/8"




900 Series Uni-Lock Tom Holders

The 900 Series hardware provides the ultimate combination of rugged durability and innovative functionality. 
The 900 Series Tom Holders features our Uni-Lock tilter with new advanced styling. Pearl's dual-action Uni-Lock system has full 180 degree up/down and 360 degree left/right motion for unparalleled tom positioning options and ease of use. 

The TH-900I and TH-900S both feature a 25mm shorter arm for use with suspension mounting systems such as the OptiMount and I.S.S. It is available in two sizes as the TH-900I and TH-900S.


Type of TomholderSize
TH-900i 13"x3"
Diameter of Post7/8"




800 Series Tom Holders

TH-88S Short Tom holder with gear tilter

TH-88 Series tom holders share the same dimensions as the TH-900 series but feature gear tilters with 60 teeth.


Type of Tom holderSize
Diameter of Post7/8"

70 Series Tom Holders

TH-70S Tom holder with 5" Leg and Arm

TH-70S Series tom holders share the same gear tilters with 60 teeth as our 88 Series Tom Holders.

Type of Tom holderSize
Diameter of Post7/8"

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