Pearl Drums Support Page

We are here to support you.

Pearl Drums Support Page

We are here to support you.


2019 General Catalogue

The New Pearl General Catalogue 2019, find out more about all the Pearl Products available this year.

2018 General Catalogue

The New Pearl General Catalogue 2018, see all the existing and new Pearl Products in our General Catalog of 2018!

2018 Pearl e/MERGE Brochure

e/MERGE is about change, and change in the e-drum market has been way overdue.

2017 International Marching & Concert Catalogue

The New International Marching & Concert Catalogue 2017, see all the new Concert & Marching Products in our Catalogue of 2017!


e/MERGE Manual (Nederlands)

Learn how to use your new Pearl e/MERGE electronic kit in Dutch.

e/MERGE Manual (italiano)

Detailed information to answer all of your questions about the e/MERGE in Italian.

e/MERGE Manual (Deutsche)

Learn how to use your new Pearl e/MERGE e-kit in German,

e/MERGE Manual (Français)

Learn how to use your new Pearl e/MERGE electronic kit in French.

Masterworks Order Form

The drumset of your dreams is waiting to be built.

Use this MASTERWORKS ORDER FORM to design each of your Masterworks kit components.

Use this SONIC-SELECT SHELL RECIPE ORDER FORM to design your Sonic-Select Shell Recipe Masterworks kit.



Please bring your order form to an authorized Pearl dealer to begin your Masterworks experience.

Price Lists

2019 Pricelist
All the recommended retail prices are in this pricelist. Search for your country of residence.






There is no right or wrong way and it all comes down to personal taste and functionality. Become a member of the Pearl Drummers Forum and see what drummers all over the world are doing.



What to use: Any high-quality (non-abrasive) furniture/guitar/drum polish/wax should give excellent results on lacquered and covered finishes. Trick Cleaner "wipes" are easy to use and an excellent alternative to spray on cleaners.

  • Preparation
    It's not necessary but it's recommended that you remove the hardware from the shells to make cleaning faster, easier, and more thorough because you don't have to navigate around the hardware. Removing the hardware also reduces the risk of scratching the finish from grit that accumulates around the hardware. Remove dust from the shells using a feather or "Swiffer" type duster.
  • Polishing
    Use a soft clean cloth for cleaning/polishing - microfiber cloths are ideal. Don't use paper towels as they are too abrasive. Apply the polish/wax then carefully wipe it off turning the cloth over frequently. It's easier and more thorough to polish the hardware before reattaching them. To prevent unnecessary nicks in wood bass drum hoops, position the claws exactly in the same spot before they were removed.
  • Crystal Beat
    Most acrylics can be cleaned with a soft, dust-free, damp cloth. Many acrylic drum collectors recommend staying away from household glass cleaners (i.e. “Windex” and other glass cleaners,) as they do not lubricate as they clean. Dust and dirt trapped between the cloth and surface can leave super-fine scratches that can, over time, diminish transparent shell clarity. Products like Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze and Novus Plastic Clean and Shine are recommended by most collectors and interior design professionals for regular, scratch free cleaning and scratch removal from acrylics.



Change the heads when they are damaged, stretched, or sound dead. Depending on your playing style, heads can last for years or minutes. Even though the bottom heads are not hit, they still stretch and loose their resiliency and must be replaced periodically. For expert advice on choosing replacement heads, visit your local authorized Pearl dealer.



One of the simplest ways is to put a pillow or blanket into the bass drum. There are many other muffling methods available including drum heads with built-in muffling and muffling rings. See your local authorized Pearl dealer for recommendations.



Pearl's OM-1 Tone Control clips onto the hoop and features an adjustable pad for partial or total "ring" elimination. "Donut-shaped" mufflers, such as Rem-Os by Remo, Evans E-Rings, and Noble & Cooley Zer-O-Rings and drumheads with built-in muffling such as Pinstripes by Remo, Genera Dry by Evans, and Performance II by Aquarian are also effective.




1,000 High Definition Sounds, 35 Internal kits, and 50 User Programmable Kits



Yes, the acoustic drum sounds are Pearl drums. The Electronic sounds are from The KORG library.



Yes, each drum has a list of effects in the custom edit function.



The Cross-Talk control in the Trigger Menu section allows you to set the value to eliminate cross talk. The higher the value, the less likely one pad will trigger another.


Endorsement Opportunities

How to become a Pearl artist

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pearl Artist!

Please e-mail your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) to This should contain a performance bio & resume, photos, audio/video links, and any other content you feel properly represents your career.

All EPK's will be reviewed and we'll try to respond to you asap. All materials submitted will be held in the strictest confidence. At this time, we are only accepting submissions for those based in Europe. Please contact Pearl USA or Pearl Brazil for more information on endorsements outside of Europe.

We are honored that you contacted Pearl as your first instrument of choice.

Spare Parts

Concert & Marching Spare Parts

2017 CP & MP Spare Parts Catalog

2016 Spare Parts Catalog

2016 Spare Parts Catalog

2015 Spare Parts Catalog

2015 Spare Parts Catalog

2012 Spare Parts Catalog

2012 Spare Parts Catalog